The ocean is the lifeblood of the planet. It covers 70% of world’s surface, regulates climates and absorbs half the carbon produced. It produces 50% of the world’s oxygen and accounts for 80% of global biodiversity.

The ocean is also the mainstay of human existence, with 100 million households deriving their income from the fishing industry and three billion people relying on seafood as their main source of protein.

But the Earth’s oceans are fast becoming degraded amidst issues like overfishing, environmental damage, plastic pollution and the effect of climate change. Fortunately through funding, technology and collaboration, there is a massive global movement to protect one of the planet’s most valuable resources.

At Meridian Adventure, a dynamic eco-tourism company funded by Meridian Capital Limited, there is an active drive to build awareness about the importance of ocean conservation in the region, through its staff and equally with its client base.

Lead by veteran captain, Sean Galleymore, Meridian Adventure has grown into one of the most revered high-end, experience-driven eco-tourism operators in the south east Asia pacific region.

The ocean sustainability programs that have been instituted by Meridian Adventure engage employees and the local community to work together to support initiatives such as regular Mangrove Clean-Ups, Crown of Thorns removal days, Dive against Debris and Ocean Datasharing.

Galleymore notes, “Meridian Adventure actively tries to engage and empower staff, guests and the community to play their role in ocean conservation. Our dive team have been trained in the correct method of thorn removal and we have three removal kits at the resort. Alongside monitoring dive sites for Crown of Thorns that are growing, we also collaborate with other dive re- sorts and local government in Raja Ampat to share data we collect with the Raja Ampat Sea Centre ( Each initiative is part of our larger view that builds on sustainable tourism practices: that we are guests in the world and should leave a limited impact on our environment and protect it for future generations.”

“As an eco-tourism company that takes guests to explore unspoilt ocean outposts and with a base in one of the last coral nurseries, we have actively tried to build up awareness about the ocean crisis. We encourage an appreciation for the ocean as our lifeblood and support change, not only in large programs, but also through training on small and manageable ways to limit one’s footprint and leave a positive impact in the environment in which we operate.” Askar Alshinbayev, Principal at Meridian Capital Limited.

“Our individual passion for the ocean at Meridian Capital Limited has seen us invest in businesses that allow guests to explore some of the most beautiful and untouched locations that few people have visited. We believe that if people get the chance to see the ocean as it should be, it is a compelling reason to protect and preserve its beauty.” Yevgeniy Feld, Principal at Meridian Capital Limited. “Indonesia sits in an interesting space having incredible ocean diversity in some areas and being highly affected by ocean debris and pollution in other areas at the same time. As such, it is key we act to protect where we can. Raja Ampat, where Meridian Adventure is based, offers limited infrastructure for large scale programs and as such we have worked with our employees and the local community to champion sustainable tourism and ocean conservation leaving a limited footprint where we and our guests travel.”