From its establishment in 2002, Meridian Capital Limited has grown its global portfolio of investments. We invest across a wide range of industry sectors, with a focus on real estate, consumer goods, hospitality, airport infrastructure and natural resource industries.




  • Supportive long-term fundamental trends
  • Attractive entry pricing
  • Sectors where we have expertise
  • High growth
  • Scalability
  • Value creation/business building


We invest in opportunities where we see favorable long-term fundamental trends and high growth potential. We aim to capitalize on these opportunities through partnerships with established industry leaders and experienced entrepreneurs.

We also make opportunistic investments to take advantage of dislocations in the markets.

Meridian Capital Limited’s investment portfolio extends across the United States, China, Russia, Europe and South East Asia.


  • Extensive global network
  • Ability to act fast with direct access to company sourced capital
  • No limitations on investment types – instrument, term or structure
  • We believe in adopting a patient approach where necessary for the realization of long-term returns


We assess the underlying growth potential of businesses we invest in and commit capital to realizing this potential. We focus on industries where our team has substantial experience in creating value. We view partnerships as long-term and work alongside management teams to generate growth. In search of higher growth and competitive advantage, we seek outlier strategies, explore disruptive technologies, next generation consumer targeting and innovative paths to growth acceleration.


Meridian Capital Limited’s investment portfolio is global. Our track record has seen us invest in developed markets in North America, Europe and Scandinavia as well as in emerging markets like China and Russia, and across South East Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Explore our world of investments.