RIGA, Latvia, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Food Union – the international ice cream and dairy production and distribution group – has shown their continued commitment to innovation and delighting consumers with their 2021 launch of summer novelties. Food Union has invested in the development of 124 unique products across the global markets it serves, including its key markets such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Romania, and Belarus.

Featuring bold, sensory flavours developed with local market tastes in mind, with a surprising use of colours, tantalizing textures, and functional benefits, customers will soon enjoy the unique combinations and culinary complexities that Food Union’s innovative team have spent months developing at their purpose-built innovation hub in Riga, Latvia.

“Our product development team have achieved new sensory heights in 2021 and their dedicated approach is exciting palates and commanding visibility on shelf so that we stay top of mind with consumers and clients,” says Normunds Staņēvičs, CEO of Food Union, Europe. “Each product is developed after a rigorous R&D process that ensures we bring together a fusion of visual interest, flavour delight and nutritional value in a quality product.”

“Whilst we strive to excite consumers, as leaders in the production of ice-cream and dairy, we also strive to deliver the highest quality based on considered and sustainable sourcing and taking into account new trends in health and cult-following,” Staņēvičs concludes.

The 2021 novelties are grounded in trends that are shaping the industry:

·      Healthy alternatives for a healthier life. Consumers are more health conscious than ever, with an increase in flexitarian living and veganism. Consumers are actively seeking out products that appeal to their need to live a healthier lifestyle and as such Food Union has invested in numerous products to cater for this growing demographic – creating trusted favourites which offer the same quality flavours and goodness of traditional ice-creams but that now deliver low calorie, nutritional and vegan lines.

o   Underground Low calorie ice cream in a range of flavours including lemon cake, blackcurrant and liquorice, available in Denmark

o   Suplette Low calorie ice cream in a variety of classical flavours; vanilla, cacao and forest berries in convenient 200ml and 500ml tubs, available in Romania

o   Premier Is Vegan ice cream in 6 different flavours and convenient tubs, available in Denmark

o   Nu Smoothie a smoothie on a stick in strawberry, banana and apple flavour, available in Norway

o   Premia Strawberry sorbet on a stick, available in Estonia

o   Premia Raspberry sorbet on a stick, available in Lithuania

o   Jättis Mango sorbet on a stick, available in Belarus

·       Visually instagrammable products warrant more digital time in consumers ‘social lives’. As consumers spend more time at home and engaging with others digitally through social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the value of creating products which merit photography highlighting their bold shapes and flavours results in re-sharing that has a halo brand effect! Food Union’s summer novelties warrant attention with the launch of a rainbow of colourful wafers following on the success of last seasons black wafer cone which has become one of the new icon products to watch. Shapes and formats offer diversity from a square to a doughnut shaped ice cream through to tapping into the love of hockey in Latvia by creating a signature hockey puck shaped ice-cream.

o   POLS Doughnut shaped vanilla ice cream in choco glaze with sprinkles, available in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

o   Väike Tom Square-shaped vanilla ice cream in glaze, in Estonia

o   POLS a hockey puck shaped ice cream in celebration of the upcoming World Ice Hockey Championship, available in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

o   POLS Plum ice cream and cranberries and cowberries ice cream in purple and pink wafer cups respectively, available in Latvia

o   FULG DE NEA ice cream wrapped in a black waffle to enhance the visual journey alongside its delicious flavour of chocolate or vanilla ice cream, available in Romania

·       Flavour fusions with a twist tap into exciting moments of indulgence. Bold flavour combinations continue to push taste and visual boundaries by fusing two snack products with ice-cream to capture various moments. Capitalizing on Netflix binges and the movie-moment, is the new Pols Caramel ice-cream in a caramel glaze with popcorn. Exciting paletes for any snack time is an ice-cream snack bringing together the sweet chocolate coating with a sprinkle of savoury, salty crisps!

o   POLS ice cream in chocolate glaze with salty potato chips, available in Latvia and Lithuania

o   POLS caramel ice cream with popcorn in a caramel glaze, available in Latvia

o   Premier Is Smooth Is Lemonade ice lolly with strawberry and tutti frutti flavour, available in Denmark

o   Premier Is Nanoks Knap-Is Vanilla ice cream bar with sugar coated chocolate bits and covered in milk chocolate, available in Denmark

o   Premier Is Liquorice ice cream with salty liquorice sauce, available in Denmark

o   Väike Tom Tiigrijäätis vanilla flavored ice cream stick with an orange & raspberry juicy coating, available in Estonia

·       Mixology concepts bring the bar to the freezer. Food Union is utilizing the power of mixology to create new taste sensations which bring the bar to the freezer with confectionery and beverage inspired flavours such as their take on an Orange Spritz and Piña Colada.

o   EKSELENCE Caramel Pina Colada – Coconut and pineapple ice cream with caramel sauce, available in Latvia

o   EKSELENCE Orange Spritz ice cream in white chocolate glazing, available in Latvia

o   DOBBEL Marshmallows and peanut butter ice cream on a stick, available in Norway and Latvia

o   DOBBEL Chocolate ice cream with pieces of brownies, powered by the cookies category, available in Norway

o   EKSELENCE a new range of sorbets paired with creamy ice cream to give a lighter alternative. Available in a range wafer cones and tubs, with special novelty of 2021 – apricot sorbet mixed with rhubarb ice cream, available in Latvia

·       Farm-fresh real cream and yoghurt: sourcing and delivering trusted quality. This year Food Union are championing the use of real, locally sourced cream and yoghurt across their portfolio – particularly in Denmark, where 15% more cream has been added to their products as a mark of quality.

o   Premier Is offers wide range of ice cream in sticks and tubs categories with 15% more cream than before, available in Denmark

o   TIO watermelon & melon ice cream in wafer cup, and wild berry-watermelon ice cream from real Latvia sourced cream, available in Latvia

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