In order to give a modern twist to traditional dairy products in the Baltics, Food Union, a global scale ice cream and dairy producing and distributing group based in Latvia, has developed a range of innovative cross-category dairy drinks that are great options for healthy, on-the-go snacks that are rich in taste. An innovative and tasty drinkable snack that is easy to take along or keep in the refrigerator at home – is what the “Valmiera” yogurt cocktail series Shake Me Up is all about.

The products are characterized by a rich texture, gentle flavour and airy foam, which is created by shaking the product for just 15 seconds.

Five types of high quality yogurt cocktails have been created to satisfy different consumer tastes. The exotic pineapple-coconut Pina Colada and quirky Bubble Gum flavoured drinks are meant for the more adventurous consumers. Those who prefer more well-known flavours ​​will enjoy the fruity Shake Me Up with green apple, peach and plum.

“Consumers are increasingly searching for nutritious and healthy products to supplement their diets, but they also prioritize taste, ease of use and excitement the product brings. Valmiera Shake Me Up products offer just that – an airy and bubbly moment of enjoyment rich in taste yogurt,” emphasizes Juliāna Juškeviča, Marketing Manager at Food Union Latvia.

Significant investments made at the Food Union Centre of Excellence for Fresh Dairy Products based in Riga, Latvia, has seen innovations such as yoghurt coktails shaking up the category using insights from the ambient ‘bar’ category. Both the enjoyment of a freshly shaken cultured drink and the fusion of freshness with creaminess ensures a delicious alternative that brings together mixology.

“Valmiera” products come from the city, which we rightly call the Latvian milk cradle. This accolade is due to high-quality milk, which Vidzeme region dairy farmers have long been able to take care of. Combined with the relentless passion of “Valmiera” dairy masters to always create quality, delicious and also surprising products, the “Valmiera” brand embodies the best of both worlds. With “Valmiera”, knowledge of milk meets with a creative approach and perseverance in pursuing quality excellence in every product.


Food Union is currently the leading ice cream producer in the Baltics and Denmark, and the group holds a strong market position in Norway, Romania and Belarus. A leading, innovative consumer goods company, Food Union develops local brands and delivers delightful products in the premium snacking, ice-cream and dairy categories.

Food Union is a dynamic player in the European dairy sector. It paved the way by developing and focusing on the acquisition of leading national brands across Europe. The Group is made up of two of the largest dairy and ice-cream companies in Latvia – Rīgas piena kombināts and Valmieras piens. The Group also includes Estonia’s and Lithuania’s largest ice cream makers Premia TKH and Premia KPC, the leading Danish ice cream producer Premier Is and Danish doorstep-delivery ice cream company Hjem-Is Danmark, Norway’s ice cream company Isbjørn Is and doorstep-delivery ice cream company Den Norske Isbilen, Romanian ice cream maker Alpin 57 Lux and ice cream company Ingman Ice Cream in Belarus.

Food Union Group is backed by Hong Kong-based investment company Meridian Capital Limited, and one of Asia’s largest private capital firms, PAG.