It’s that time of the month again – the new products in dairy and dairy alternatives.

Shake Me Up

Latvia-based dairy and ice cream producer Food Union is giving a ‘modern twist to traditional dairy’ in the Baltics with the launch of a range of cross-category drinks, Shake Me Up.

Shake Me Up yogurt cocktails from the Valmiera brand are described as a drinkable on-the-go snack. The products are ‘gentle in flavor’ with an ‘airy foam’ created by shaking the yogurt drink for 15 seconds.

Flavors are: pineapple coconut pina colada, bubble gum, green apple, peach and plum.

“Consumers are increasingly searching for nutritious and health products to supplement their diets, but they also prioritize taste, ease of use and excitement the product brings, Valmeira Shake Me up products offer just that – an airy and bubbly moment of enjoyment, rich in taste,”​ Food Union said.

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